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I just finished eating and I brought out my phone and continue. All the calls I wanted to make including to my mum I suspended all. You know am  educated, but your writings and teachings are not a function of education it's like a gift from birth. I have been wondering where you got this kind of  wisdom and your religion… you are an extraordinary person – Uche Nwosu – Stoke-on-Trent – United Kingdom

 “I read your post on violence, capital punishment and blood sacrifice - as thought-provoking as always. I agree, LOVE is superior to all else and  always produces good results. Thanks for enriching us with these posts.Your book promises to be very original in conception and execution. I really  look forward to owning a copy when it's out. God bless you. Much love – Professor Akachi Ezeigbo – Lagos, Nigeria


 "I want to be your student. This is breath-taking! With this I am inspired for today. I count myself as one who is benefitting from your selfless service.  Remain blessed." - Ogu Edith, University of Nsukka, Nigeria

“You're indeed a philosopher Harriet! Your facts and quotes are so true. I respect your instinct and dignity and am so proud of you! Love cares so  deeply. It doesn't irritate or discriminate. It draws the heart much closer especially when it’s genuine and puts an end to every single hatred in one’s  heart. I guess it’s your source of inspiration and it’s what stirs up your emotions and connects your mind to any single living things or object that  you focus all your thought and energy on. Love is what makes you to be philosophically Inclined! LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS beloved!” - Augustine Efe  Ola, Ibadan, Nigeria

 “You have always preached Love not only in African but also in the world. You have always stood against social decadence in Africa and I know  that soon Africa will appreciate all that you have always told them - love for one another . LOVE TO YOU…" - Chukwuma Madunezim – Owerri,  Nigeria

 "I have read some of your poems and they are all beautifully written. I love DREAM OUT LOUD! Really awesome. I also like WHAT I MAKE OF  ME! So raw and sincere!"Joseph Latchmansigh – Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago

 “just flipped tru your profile...yu seem poetic...and abstractly different. there is nothing conventional about you...may i have the privilege to be  friends with you?” – Hanamel Kingston Onyx – Nigeria

 This is deep. Introspective. Inspiring. You have a unique writing style. - Dr Aderemi Kalejaiye - Ibadan, Nigeria

 I have been going through your post. Some of them you express humanism, others are deep abstract thought form. You have a cultivated spirit that  ignites sparks and light of our eternal creator in the hearts and soul of a true seeker. You express love and you give love also. You have the spark of  God….– Ugochukwu Okoro – Abuja, Nigeria                                        Who is Harriet Gore?

 Powerfully powerful. Love lyric, coming from the deep recesses of LOVE – Ogunjobi Olanrewaju, Oye, Nigeria

 I love reading your article on LOVE. It is educative and inspiring, BRAVO. LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS – Amaka Anagor – Uga, Nigeria

 I am deeply overwhelmed for your sublim effort to gather in this book your thought,feelings,fight for what means the word"LOVE".Unique power  that can change everything in this world! My appreciations and gratitude! Love you! – Dorina Nechita Buninet, Medias, Romania

 That's book for now and the future. I'm proud of you. Love Angus – Sir Angus Adimora, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Your thoughts about life and living is spiritual advancement

It's a school of its own and unique

I love to see your work in time to affect life and effect change

You have a magnetize spirit- Ugoh Okoro –Abuja, Nigeria

"Your words are great they sound to me like when am reading my bible" - Norbert Ezenwa, Poloni, Brazil

 “Your love is real, you make me join the original ways of life, I feel happy always, just on my phone reading wise words, knowing more, am just like some-one in a class room.. Queen Harriet may your days be long on earth “- Chijioke Samson Okpalaoka-12 September 2015 - Uga, Nigeria

“Dear Harriet, I liken you to a fountain. A fountain gives water to its surroundings and makes everywhere wet and green. But no one thinks of the fountain itself because the water in it keeps pouring to water its environment. It gives water ceaselessly. You are a fountain. I’ve been meeting people, but you stand out. You don’t belong to the ordinary, you are to be cherished because you are adding profound values to the society. You may not know, but millions of people who directly or indirectly are reading your thought -provoking but sometimes complex piece have one thing or the other to gain. You are a very, very deep personality... I’m really honoured to associate with you. It’s no flattery, you are supposed to be a Professor of Literature, Entire world”  -  Ogunjobi Olanrewaju - 15 October 2015 - Nigeria