Harriet Gore was called to the bar of England and Wales on 14 March 1997 and has been continuously practising as a barrister in independent practice except during her maternity break. Her work as a barrister has contributed in shaping the UK law. She practises from her own Chambers - Kensington Chambers. In 2018, Harriet became authorised by Bar Standard Board to conduct litigation in relation to all areas of practice. This means that Harriet is authorised to do work previously reserved for solicitors including placing her name on the court’s record if a client employs her litigation service.

Members of the public can directly instruct Harriet through the ‘Public Access Scheme’, a scheme which facilitates easier access to justice. Instructing a barrister directly saves clients the costs of going through a solicitor for the purpose of instructing a barrister. Read: BSB Guidance for Professionals.

Harriet’s areas of legal practice include Immigration law, Human rights law, Landlord and tenant law, Employment law, Land law, Administrative law (Judicial Review) and Law of Contract. To enquire about instructing Harriet, please send her an e-mail or telephone (+44) 07806741496. For more information on Public Access scheme and conducting litigation, please click here and here. For Chambers’ complaint procedure, please click here.


Harriet is the founder of the worldwide movement “TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE (TLW)” which advocates the rule of LOVE. A significant proportion of legal battles could have been avoided if LOVE was allowed by parties to rule to resolve conflicts. When LOVE is rejected conflict often reigns. When things get to a point of no return, legal proceeding becomes for many people in different situations, a form of therapy because it gives those involved in it something to do about the situation, exercises mind and intellect, releases energy and purges pent-up emotions. Access to justice is therefore a therapy as fundamental as food and must not be the preserve of a few.

Access to justice includes education which expands minds to engage with preventative medicine. LOVE is a preventative medicine because it minimises incidents of warfare. Studying LOVE and law is a preventative measure. For this reason, Harriet advocates the study of ‘LOVE and law’ within the philosophy of ‘TOUCH LOVE’ at all levels of life.

It is Harriet’s view that the course ‘LOVE and law’ ought to be made fundamental worldwide in all tiers of education and taught at ante-natal clinics in order to prepare the minds of mothers in readiness to nurture their young with the deep understanding of LOVE. Teaching the course at nursery schools or from as early an age as possible will equip generations with the LOVE foundation they need to prevent wars, legal battles and relationship hostilities whilst providing the populace the internal resources and creative energy to nurture and nourish minds so as to make LOVE an inexhaustible wealth. Harriet’s book - MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267-A PUBLICATION OF TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE- provides material for the worldwide teaching of ‘LOVE and law’. The book is being installed in libraries worldwide. “LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS, LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS” is the way of TLW movement. Click here to read more about the movement.

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