"I would like to take this time to write a review on a recent read of "Many lovers Book 4267 Volume 1".  

Upon opening this story I found it UNIQUE as I noticed the author Harriet Gore chose to use "books" rather than chapters; a wonderful idea and sparked curiosity from the very beginning.

The beginning starts in thoughts; thoughts of ideas, thoughts of US and sparks questions we all wonder. Ideas/thoughts all lead to choices made.

As I continued I found myself, self reflecting. I love Harriet's writing style as she wrote in a way I could not only relate to but BECAME in mind many characters. I imagined being the child. Not only could I imagine being a child I found myself  reflecting on so many of the thoughts and ideas presented that I personally questioned over the years. As I continued, this book inspired thoughts of being an expecting mother. Expecting a child and how wonderful I thought this book would be for such a person.

In my heart this book should be on each mother's reader list as it provokes such beautiful thought and creates such emotion. As I kept reading I found myself taking a journey. A journey inspired by author Harriet Gore. Yes journey, this book became an amazing journey I was taking as I read more and more. Not intended for a short attention span or a close minded being. This journey is free flowing and creates great thought. Thoughts of PAST knowns we have forgotten or stopped speaking of and thoughts of future unknowns to be known.

This journey/story allows for free thinking but deep thinking. Thoughts of self, thoughts of parents thoughts of creator/God. The thought of LOVE is incredibly written out here. This book not only inspired self reflection but business ideas I was thinking of for years.

I encourage you to read this book in full but at your pace as it is a deep read. A powerful read and a book that will reach great spaces of your soul. As I took this journey, as I read this story Harriet created a scene, a feeling that made me feel a part of something, made me feel I belonged.

I questioned and I thought, I cried and I laughed as I journeyed through the book and dug deep inside of it and ME. This read can be for everyone but is only for the willing. This book will stand the test of time being able to always be applied now and in years to come.

I say again I loved this read and strongly suggest this read to every mother to be as it just struck that side of ME.

Much Love, One Love, ALWAYS." - Jacquelyn Known



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