All these divisions when would it end?

The whole humanity divided into 2

People of the book and people of no book

Those called black people and those called white

Those with religion and those without

Chosen people and those not chosen

People of the book will point to their book

Swear by it to be from their God

Rules and laws and way to live

Set in stone in words that live

People of the book, believe in their book

They rank it higher than any other book

When touched by a book, one lives by the book

People of the book, are touched by their book

And live by their book, not any other book

People with no book, do have their own book

For every human has own special book

Generations past, present, to come

Are moved by the awesomeness of what they experience

Some name it God, others name it LOVE

Some name it NOTHING, others name, SUPREME

Many relate in own special ways

Experience may not be written, in book form of now

Or set in stone or in words which live

Encounters are different and expressed in different ways

But what’s in this book of people of no book?

Their very own persons, palm prints and skin

The land on which they stand, or sit or lie

Mountains, valleys, hills, rivers and streams

The sky on which they gaze in awe and wonder

The waters of the earth, the spirit in all things

The sun, moon and stars and trees and air

The humans whom they meet and read to know

Seasons and change, wind and rain

Uninhibited, unrestricted, no censorship here

Flexible the spirit which reads as moved

All books written and all books unwritten

Are ancestors of all future books

United as one they educate human mind

Built from seen and unseen to build

The books which teach humans to always LOVE are united in LOVE

And enrich both ‘people of the book’ and ‘people of no book’; those called ‘black’ and those called ‘white’; those with ‘religion’ and those ‘without’; those termed ‘chosen’ and those termed ‘not chosen’

Their simple message is:“Be flexible, rigidity destroys

Open your mind to learn more and more, LOVE others, accept LOVE given. Peace is good, walk towards PEACE

IWE AWON ORISA ( BABA NLA ) WA                           

Nigbawo Ni Eleyameya Yii Yio Dopin? Ohun Gbogbo Nipa Ti Eniyan Pin Si Ona Meji Awon Eniyan Kan Nipa Ti Iwe Ati Awon Eniyan Kan Lai Fi Ti Iwe Se Awon To A Npe Ni Alawo 'Dudu' Ati Awon Ti A Npe Ni Alawo 'Funfun' Awon Ti Won Ni 'Esin' Ati Awon Ti Ko Ni Awon To A 'Yan' Ati Awon Ti A Ko 'Yan'

Awon Eniyan Nipa Ti 'Iwe' A Maa Toka Si Iwe Won Won A Si Bura Sii Wipe L'atodo Olorun L'oti Wa Awon Ilana,Ofin Ati Ona L'ati Maa Gbe Igbe Aye Awon Ti A Ko Ni Oro Tabi Ti A To Ninu Okuta Ti Mbe Laaye.

Awon Eniyan Ti O Wa Nipa Ti Iwe Won Ni Igbagbo Ninu Iwe Won Won A Si Maa Gbe-Ee Ga Ju Eyikeyi Iwe Miran Lo Nigbati Iwe Ka Ba Mu Ni L'ara Ya A Si Maa Gbe Igbe Aye Nipa Ti Iwe Naa Awon Eniyan Nipa Ti Iwe Je Awon Ti A Mu L'ara Ya Nipa Ti Iwe Won Ati Wipe Won A Maa Gbe Aye Nipa Ti Iwe Won Lai Bikita Nipa Iwe Elomiran

Awon Eniyan Ti Ko Ni Iwe Gan-An Naa Ni Iwe Tiwon Nitoripe Gbogbo Eda Alaaye Ni O Ni Iwe Tiwon Ti O Se KOKO Fun Won Awon Iran Eniyan Ti O Ti Koja Lo,Awon Iran Iran Ti Mbe Nisisiyii Ati Awon Ti Mbo L'ojo Ola Patapata Ni Won Ni Ohun IYALENU NLA Ti Won Ti Riri Tabi Ti Won Mbo Wa Ri

Awon Iran Kan Pee Ni Olorun Won,Awon Miran Si N Pee Ni 'IFE' Nigba Ti Awon Miran 'OHUN ASAN' Bee Ni Awon Kan N Pee 'ALAGBARA-NLA JULO'

Orisirisi Ona Ni Onikaluku Lee Gbee-ee Gba Kii Se Gbogbo Iriri Lo Lee Je Kiko Sile Boya Nipa Iwe Ni Oro Ijinle Ninu Tito Okuta Alalaye Sibe Gbogbo Iriri Naa Tabi Oro Lo Ni Alaye Tiwon L'orisirisi

Sugbon Ki Lo Mbe Ninu Iwe Awon Eniyan Ti Ko Wa Nipa Ti Iwe Wonyi Gan-An Naa? Ile Tiwon Duro Le L'ori,Tabi Ti Won Joko Si,Tabi Tiwon Nsun Le L'ori,Awon Eniyan Ti Won Ni Ise Owo Atelewo Ati Ti Awo Ara Won Pelu Ipa Ninu Oke Nla,Petele,Oke Kekeeke,Omi Nla Ati Omi To Nsan

Oju Orun To Nya Won L'enu Nigbakugba Ti Won Ba Woo Ati Awon Ara Ti Omi Naa Nda L'orisirisi,Aw Emi Ti Nsise Ninu Ohun Gbogbo,Ooru,Osupa Ati Awon Irawo Ati Awon Igi Ati Afefe Awon Eniyan Ti Won Npade Ati Ti Won Ti Kiyesi Igba Ati Akoko Ayegun Nla,Ojo Ti Ko See Fipamo,Da Duro Tabi Se Ayewo Fun Elege Emi Ti N Kiyesi Bi Ohun Gbogbo Se Nlo

Ati Awon Iwe Ti A Ko Tabi Ti A Ko Ko Won Je Orisa Fun Awon Iwe Ojo Ola Ni Bo Ti Je Okan Nipa IFE Okan Eniyan Ti A Da Ninu Riri Tabi Airi lati Maa Mu Idagbasoke Wa

Gbogbo Iwe Ti A Ko Nipa Ti Eko 'IFE' Ni A Se L'okan Ninu IFE Ti O Si Ni Anfani Fun Eniyan Nipa Ti 'Ti O Ni Iwe' Ati Awon 'Ti Ko Ni Iwe';Awon Ti A Npe Ni 'Dudu' Ati Awon Ti A Npe Ni 'Funfun'; Awon 'Elesin' Ati Awon Ti Ko Ni 'Esin'

Awon Ti A 'Yan' Ati Awon Ti A Ko 'Yan'; Ohun Ti Won Nso Ni Wipe: " Je Ohun Elege,Ohun Lile A Maa Ba Nkan Je Si Okan Re Paya Lati Ko Eko Siwaju Sii Ati Lati Ni IFE Si Enikeji,Gba IFE Ti A Fi Fun-Ni Alaafia Dara,Maa Lepa ALAAFIA



Touch Nigeria

 Translation by LOVEbearer Adewole Adeyinka Co-founder Touch LOVE worldwide