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I  am always dumbfounded when I read your writings”- Reymar Palo- Bicol, Philippines

“Only you can put thoughts into words!!!” – Helen Lang – Amsterdam

“Your heart is made of fine flower full of nectar for the whole humanity. Religious history is replete with blood, corpses and ashes. All that we need is love that can sweeten and soften the heart to be filled with boundless happiness, harmony and peace. Good reminder… The three line-comments inspired you to write, create and post a twenty eight-lines poem in a matter of few hours speak of your creative and innovative approach to reformative literature. Keep up… I am deeply honored and touched by your love of Oneness and Sameness of all on earth. You are on a noble mission to unite all in divine and universal love. Excellent work ! LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS .” Dipnarain Beegun, Port Louis, Mauritius

“… our lives are short in the scheme of things, and right now our world is so confusing. It is precisely why your messages are so vitally important,….” Sydney Beck Grazios - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"Harriet Gore is a very gifted writer. The stuff she writes is very beautiful and quite thought provoking. You'll love it."Bishop Billy, Vancouver   

You are Love masterpiece.. Born to Love self and touch others! Love to U and All always – Layanel Paler - Kuwait

" I love your work.  I don't know much about poetry but I like the messages and observations I have seen in yours. I like your spontaneous human way of expressing your work. You are also an artist and philosopher. So much info. It’s wonderful. Sometimes it seems that the universe provides what we are looking for when we are looking, we find it. You make me so excited. Your love for your family is overflowing into the Universe. " - Dean Moriarty, Kenmare, Ireland

"Truly inspirational! Book 4267 is sure to spread love internationally!... THIS is why you are LOVED! Your words are words of LOVE, but can be a needed "spanking" at the same time! You are a true blessing Harriet Gore! I will say it til my very last breath!!!! Much luv always – Crissy Aguiar, United States

“This place is like an empty space with no air…’ I now see the reason you bring out your time to share and talk love in this place. I didn’t get it before but I do now.” Dim Nathan Uche, Manchester, United Kingdom

"Violence is not good, let's all say No to it. Peace and love is what we want." Nasirudeen H Yusuf, Kano, Nigeria

“Yes, we may disagree on issues BUT WE SHARE LOVE" - Sarit Nachman, Migdal Ha Emeq, Hazafon, Israel

“…practice of Love makes us better and better at loving and at allowing others to reach us, touch our spirits and love us - your loving cause of world peace - we human already have suffered with hate .. let us love …" – Noor Sarwar, Karachi, Pakistan

“The scent of Love's essence and the beauty of Love's glorious array of color abounds in your every word. All is Love! I am ecstatic in knowing how near your LOVE Presentation is ... we await with bated breaths! Words permeating all LOVE touches in this treasured book from a regal heart that soars! Beloved Harriet your beautiful inner LOVE is so explosive as it bursts over ~ under ~ around and through All that IS ~ so expansive and so overwhelming gathering LOVE in its wake and spreading it constantly and consistently with every breath taken and every beat of hearts that are all of One accord! LOVE! LOVE TO YOU! LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS! " …Beloved LOVEqueen ~ Perhaps your dream revealed to us that LOVE is an ethereal repellant to war when we clothe our conscious - superconscious and supraconscious in it! LOVE! LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS! (Prophetic dream confirming The Power Of Love!)” Clara Breland, Florida


 “Since last night, I had been reading some of your posts. Am in love with your writings...So deep… It still marvels me the amount of knowledge u possess about LOVE. Great things I've never and ever thought about love. Thanks for opening my heart deeply to LOVE love. Your thoughts can heal the world. Your thoughts can change this world and make it a better place for all mankind.” - Uche Good, Italy

“… profound,,illuminatory,,insightful,,deep and incredibly awesome. Your post touched the inner recess of my mind while reading it. I look forward to reading more of such intellectually challenging post from you. You are really a gifted writer” – Daodu Shade, Lagos, Nigeria

That's book for now and the future… Love Angus” – Sir Angus Adimora, Port Harcourt, Nigeria - 19 July 2015

  “... I follow the ideals, Your teaching is real” - Chijioke Samson Okpalaoka, Uga, Nigeria - 10 October 2015

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