WHO IS HARRIET GORE?    Autobiography

 NKY WITH POSTSCRIPT.pdfHarriet Gore, is the author of Many LOVERS Book 4267, a philosophy book of many volumes which engages its readers in a journey to touch LOVE. Harriet is the founder of the TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE movement. A barrister  practising from her own Chambers - Kensington Chambers, Harriet is an advocate of LOVE LOVE LOVE and never stop LOVING. She sees LOVE as the creator of all that is beautiful. She therefore advocates that humans should invest in LOVE and capitalise on enthroning LOVE as the leader in all things. Though a passionate and fearless LAWyer, Harriet is first and foremost a LOVEr. A LOVEbeing who is of the view that law only comes to bite when individuals block the way of LOVE and refuse to allow LOVE to work, to heal, to build and to beautify. Harriet sees LOVE as that fundamental inexhaustible energy which enriches and which is available to all and is not meant to be the preserve of a few. She therefore takes steps to spread awareness of the power of LOVE, which according to her is a yet to be fully-tapped resource. Harriet’s view is that the energy supplied by LOVE is the energy which expands minds and broadens intelligence. It is the energy which enriches all who connect to LOVE making them highly intelligent, delivering peace of mind and peace in the world. It is the energy which thrills and  excites, lifting spirit into a state of euphoria and turning into beauty everything it touches and shapes. Explaining the philosophy named ‘TOUCH LOVE’ is the subject of the first volume of ‘Many  LOVERS Book 4267’  published in London in 2015. Below and over the next pages are some comments from people who have read Harriet’s words. To read Harriet’s Autobiography click here.        

 “…Harriet Gore is so right. She is a DEEP THINKER AND PHILOSOPHER…”- Bernhard Puetz, Germany 23.10.15 

“So very happy you have compiled and constructed this labor of LOVE! The healing it contains is crucial to all! The world needs this book very  much! You are the one and only person to truly cause me to take myself to task on WHAT LOVE MEANS FOR OUR DEEPEST HEALINGS!” -  Marquita Garcia, Santa Cruz, Ca. USA

 “…each word speaks thousands and these thousands is as powerful as a single thunder, lightning that lit the whole                                                                                        darkness. I receive humbly this  spark…” Piyushi Garhe – Nagpur, India

 "Simply gorgeous! Love your words, they give me goosebumps OFTEN! xx" Clare Bear, Adelaide, South Australia
"Your words calm my mind and fill my heart with flowers !!!" Nia Argy, Athens, Greece   

 “Harriet, your lyrics and pictures bring me always peace and strength” Maryse LE Doeuff, France

 “Thank you Harriet. Love to Nigeria. You should be writing news it would be informative, yet optimistic...depression levels in the World would drop  remarkably” – Eugenia Barnett, London, U.K

 "...Never stay quiet ... Your thoughts are beautiful and life affirming..." Elizabeth McNally, Ottawa, Ontario

 “…Just to applaud what you are doing, barristers with a heart are barristers we need…” - Marysa de Veer, Surrey, England

 “Your writing gives a clear message and understanding on broader meaning of love and responsibility on society” – FK Khan, Dubai

 “Magnum opus! The Filipino people need to understand the fullness of this lesson… Simple truths have been rarely spoken nowadays but higher   beings such as yourself, Ma’am Harriet, have taught us how to see the truths in life in such a glowingly beautiful way. A million thanks for your   great thoughts and actions which you write straight from the very core of your heart and mind; for expressing your thoughts, beliefs, and hopes that   every love-placard-carrying individual can totally identify with; and for sharing the beauty you have in your heart. I feel so blessed to be one of   those people who have been touched by your words and joyful appreciation of life…You are truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and a precious gift   from heaven, Ma’am Harriet! Thank you for sharing those profound, beautiful, and love-inspired thoughts of yours which allow people to see things   through the eyes of love. Thanks for using your talent in sharing to many the truths about Jesus, the holy One. Love to you always, Ma’am Harriet.   (((Love to ALL always.)))-Dániel Amaranthus – Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

  “I have read some of your writings, and your way with words are truly unmatched. I have always enjoyed the experience of reading your thoughts. I   feel like your words are simply fascinating to inspire and feed many other souls with heartfelt truths. Surely, a lot more people would enjoy every   feast of words and ideas you offer! , Dhan Dhan, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines  Comments continue over the next 3 pages

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