TOUCH LOVE philosophy highlights the importance of touching LOVE. To touch LOVE, a  being journeys deep within into its own core and its own state of LOVE where the whole  being including the mind emerges in the shape and form of the LOVE which the being is.  The deep connection becomes an influx of LOVE into all things of LOVE and all  connections of beauty; within and around. The core beauty which is within, sees oneself  as reflected in the mirror known as all-earth-beings including human beings.  Fundamental to TOUCH LOVE is the thought that every human who is privileged to  breathe in oxygen owes a duty to  that breath and that duty is to breathe out LOVE. The duty is created by the act of inhalation  which creates an act of exhalation. The BREATHING ACT is above all or any human made  act of parliament of any country. In each breath taken LOVE is given. In each breath  given, LOVE is taken. To each breath, LOVE is Act, an Act which creates a duty,  the duty  to breathe out LOVE.  Spreading awareness of this ACT and duty is the work of the  movement “TOUCH LOVE  WORLDWIDE”.  There are different ways of breathing out LOVE  but each breath of LOVE is  life-enriching and beauty-creating. The movement is looking to inspire the creation of a breathprint app with can trace an individual’s breath path.


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