We create intrigue. We offer intrigue. The choice then becomes yours. To journey or not to journey.

The beauty of pregnancy. Enhance the enhanced.  Exclusive. All hand made.

 In a faraway land, may be not so far away, the land of Palm Trees, where here is there and there is here, a child was  heard crying in the far away distance and could not be comforted. Insistent was the cry and beyond any kind of  soothing. Nothing will stop the cry not even the mother's breast milk. The cry raised a search party which searched  for solution but brought back a tale.

 Deep into the forest and beyond and beneath. The solution which streamed back connecting ancient and modern  echoed back a tail of rivers connecting tears of rivers and trails. A tale in response to the distant cry was a demand.  A demand for a tree. A tree of her own for none was given to her when her afterbirth was taken. Her hands left  barren, her solution taken to feed the land. To feed other lands leaving her own hand barren and empty. The cry  eventually stopped when amends were made. With a tall Palm tree, in fruit and in season bearing many seasons. A  palm called her own, the palm which became hers. A tree bearing witness to the struggles of mother and child and  those close to struggle. A tree she cried for, a palm she received. She looked into her palm and LOVE is what she saw. The palm lines in fruits. The palm  lines the trees. The trees lining up. The lines, lines of LOVE. Lines leading here and there. Unfolding the folded.  Unfolding layers. A layer appears to be seen and what is seen is this:

                                 The child you are carrying is LOVE.

                             What is growing inside of you is LOVE.

 Is it possible that you are that child? Is it possible that you cried out? Is this your tale or the tail of another? Is LOVE growing inside of you or are your growing inside of LOVE? Do you want to know your past or what your future holds? We offer intrigue.  

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Harriet Gore


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