UNIVERSITY OF TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE is the only university in the world which teaches Harriet Gore’s ‘Touch LOVE’ philosophy. It is not registered as a university or as a charity because it is a concept, a movement and a cause. It is not confined to one physical space neither is it found in one physical location or concrete building. It is in minds which engage with the philosophy of Touch LOVE.

The university’ is open to all people regardless of location or vocation. Willingness to participate in theatre of conversation and an openness to learn from all earth beings are the only criteria required to be part of the university as both a lecturer and a learner.  All learners are lecturers and all lecturers are learners. Intellectual advancement to a degree of LOVE is what the university offers. Anyone reading the book ‘MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267’ is attending the university. The book can be downloaded free from this page.The book has attracted global interest with book reading and performance from USA Malta Paris. On facebook, those who identify with Touch LOVE philosophy and cause, add the university on their profile.


Founded by Harriet Gore, a Philosopher and barrister with theatre arts background who wrote LOVEbearer BOOK 4267 and all the Volumes of MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267, the textbooks for the Touch LOVE philosophy course, university of Touch LOVE Worldwide only offers the study of Touch LOVE philosophy. “MANY LOVERS” is a philosophy book of over 40 volumes but only Volumes 1-3 are published and publicly available.

What job is available at the end of the course?    

Reading ‘MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267 Volume 1’ makes you a taker of the philosophy course. What you get out of the concept depends on the state of your individual mind, your ‘YoUniqueness’, what you bring to the book and what you take from the book. The course is offered free, both on facebook and outside of facebook.

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     Download LOVEbearer 4267    Download MAMA & HER MANY CHAPTERS THE PHILOSOPHY of LOVEbeing

Air is free so the course is free and you can download the reading material. Outside of facebook, anyone who writes in to to request to be part of a book study will be included in the free book study. Touch LOVE philosophy is a cause; a course of MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267. The cause is not designed to make anyone financially rich and is not about getting anyone into a financially rewarding job. Its focus is on inspiring people to recognise the LOVE they are and through that self-recognition, to recognise enslaving and destructive thoughts so as to use deep inner LOVE to overcome them and liberate the mind from a state of slavery into a state of LOVE. Participants are inspired to think the way they have never thought before and to create own self out of nothing in a way the individual never did.

People who are attracted to Touch LOVE philosophy are people who recognise learning as a course of nourishing meal, an exciting energy which can feed the mind LOVE. The course may not launch its taker into millions of money but participating in the study of MANY LOVERS is rewarding in many ways including connecting with people worldwide and earning a beautiful LOVE-energised life.

The cause aims to make the participant to approach life more expansively, more creatively, more thoughtfully. with more understanding whilst connecting to the LOVE in all things, bridging divides and creating nourishing connections.

The strength of the cause is in making one look into own self to find your own 'YoUnique' quality and to use that 'YoUniqueness' to stand out and advance LOVE responsibility to self and community. The philosophy encourages entrepreneurship, recognising that population growth means that there are limited desirable posts in companies of choice.

Reading MANY LOVERS does not guarantee a job and the University does not promise to channel participants towards any money-making enterprise. However, with an expanded mind, an inspired participant can always create own occupation using the skills acquired.


Touch LOVE philosophy is a course and a cause, making its participant part of an expanding aura of LOVE with individual potential of pioneering an innovative local community of LOVEbearers. Every LOVEbearer allows the LOVE deep within and the LOVE in all things to always lead own self, own ideas and own expressions. Participants acquire a range of experiences which enrich the mind.

Things around are the best teachers with experience amassed over millions of years. A participant will have 24 hours a day access to these best teachers and if a participant chooses to write a thesis, the participant will write it in a way that moves the participant, choosing a medium which excites the participant and engages all the participant’s senses. As at 2017, no other university offers the degree of ‘Touch LOVE philosophy’, so, you will be one of the first in the world to read ‘MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267’.


 The course is open to everyone at every stage of life from children to adults because at the level of LOVE everyone is in the same class. Home



                       If you take a breath, you owe the breath  

                             LOVE TO ALL BEINGS ALWAYS