Every child is a farmer who arrives on earth with own farm, a piece of  land in which a seed can be sown, an enriching manure which can sustain life, an act of exhalation offering the earth the LOVE inhaled, the land inhaled. That land  is known as afterbirth or  placenta. Afterbirth is a tree accompanying its fruit on its journey. It is here and there, visible but quite invisible, a  worldwide  intrigue  which widens and wisens  perspective, offering  the  choice to be part of the story or  not to be.

 Afterbirth is the story of you and me, and every earth  being and their afterbirth. In the story, you will meet all  sorts, including the LOVEbearer, Day 19 and you will have  a chance and be presented with  a choice to invest in and  acquire the priceless ‘INTRIGUE’ and be a ‘LOVE  shareholder’.  ‘Afterbirth  worldwise’ is a gift to oneself, a  LOVE-radiating  art  installation, a show, a story, a  philosophical journey, a  return to the earth what was  taken from the earth.  

 LOVEbearer  Day 19 Intrigue Home Harriet Gore   

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