…We have allowed hatred, war and death to permeate our very existence, but if only the generations would stop for a second to think who’s losing out on the race. LOVE is the cure to all the world’s diseases.

If we cannot tap into the metaphysical, we may never be able to understand its entrails; the movement of clouds amidst whistling breezes, dancing trees and wondrous, unending acrobatic aeronautics of birds over the seas and streams; beneath the smiling gazes of the shimmering glorious light playing on mirrored waters. We pay less attention to these thus; miss out on the truth about beauty plus peace of mind. MANY LOVERS to me is a weaving together of webbed words, it is amazing; every book is interrelated to the other. When I say the author has a unique style of writing, please believe it because I am blown away like beautiful confetti.

To conclude this, I wouldn’t be doing justice if I fail to mention that MANY LOVERS is a book wrapped in mysticism and to me it isn’t just a book no, it is a sacred sanctuary for those who have opened themselves to allow the winds of love touch them. It is a book for the generations now and those to come, but I can’t seem to stop loving the author’s state of mind I doubt if anyone void of love could live in it; its beauty is beyond words. She artistically patterned its structure in layers like an onion, as one peels off one layer you meet yet another one; explains why I called it WEBBED, (They're chained together) each mystery unfurled leads you to the next, but each are connected to same server – LOVE.

The mysticism started with the BIRTH AND LIFE OF AN IDEA where an idea was examined critically. Don’t forget the book seeks to unlock the dreadlocks of misconception; it seeks to lighten the abyss of our understanding; it examines if the human race in fact a character in the life of an idea. Goodness gracious!

For me, the author dunked it real hard right there, she didn’t stop there; she in HOW DO I LOOK? allowed everyone to come into the act with everyone holding onto his/her POVs; whatever you may think you are, even if unwritten and unsaid, you played a role in this awesome work obliviously now that’s one brilliant twisting there because of a truth people see what they want to see, and most times they see very demeaning things round and about themselves instead of the innate beauty the father has bestowed upon each soul.

It's a book that cries out into the wilderness of the mind, whoever will listen carefully, will hear the scintillating sound of peace and harmony calling with love. Will you pick the call? It's up to you. Indeed it is the book of abilities as it hints on what needs be done before things get totally out of hand.

Let it be recorded that I am a witness to the creation of a book that will live forever, home is where the art is; I prefer to say ART instead of heart, she brought it home.

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Blessings upon you."

Sam-Richards S.A. Ofodile

"I must say, this book when I was asked by a friend what I was writing, what kind of book it is, I told him that for me, to know and you to find out. Haha! I told him it’s best defined by anyone who touches it.

One needs to be spiritual to know your lines. I was blown from your: ”Something in the dark called and I called upon my camera, what it saw is what you see” that made me sit down properly.

It reminded me of the works of Gibran Khalil BROKEN WINGS and THE PROPHET. Deep words yet simple diction. Congratulations on this."

Sam-Richards S.A. Ofodile

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