WHY SHOULD I INVEST IN THIS MOVEMENT? Because it is your responsibility and the return on your investment is immediate, guaranteed and the highest and most precious. There is no loss, only gain. You will enjoy the freedom and independence of being self-employed whilst reaping the benefits of stable or increasing income.

HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO INVEST? As much as you choose. You may invest time. You may invest money. You may invest both. The financial capital would yield financial returns, the intangible capital would generate intangible returns including peace of mind and world peace. Your time-investment may be limited to words of encouragement to yourself and to others. You may choose to do more when you are in a position to do more.

AM I QUALIFIED TO BE AN INVESTOR?  Every person who has a healthy mind with the capacity to make an informed decision and choice can be a LOVE-corporate investor and anyone who can give and who can receive a gift of LOVE can invest in LOVE ALWAYS.

WHAT ARE THE PRODUCTS?  Love always; Book  4267; LOVEbearers; Ageless; World Peace; Peace of mind; You and I; My World; Our World.  Please click on each product for  further information.

ARE THERE OTHER INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES? Yes. You may be a pioneer and co-founder of the movement in your locality. You may also invest in the THEATRE OF CONVERSATION and the SCHOOL OF LOVE.  Contact us to begin the conversation on how we can work together and to discuss available projects and ideas. LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS is the greeting we promote and everyone is a LOVE bearer is our approach to others and the basis of the title ‘LOVEbearer’ which we promote. contact us.


Theatre When it strikes you, you’re left with no choice

                                                        BE A SHAREHOLDER

You can acquire shares in the ‘LOVE ALWAYS’ business by investing in the LOVEbearers or by investing your  unique talent. The policy is to use what we have to get what we need. LOVE is the most precious gift and LOVE energy is inexhaustible. If petroleum and gas businesses can generate multi-million income for corporations, LOVE income exceeds multi-billion to infinity in the Art of enriching the mind with beauty and  eradicating poverty and diseases of the mind which are the roots and routes of war, greed and all that is bad and destructive in human behaviour and relations.

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To love always is to be intelligent. To know what is good for one and good for all. Love to all always.