Sunflowers on the terrace is another LOVEbearer which has been spreading the message of LOVE ALWAYS since 2008. It is known worldwide and has inspired its own book of adventure. You may acquire a print of the painting signed by the artist and delivered framed or unframed depending on your preference. If you would like to invest in the print of ‘Sunflower on the terrace’  please click here. This limited edition print complete with the book is specially produced for the purpose of spreading the message of LOVE ALWAYS as well as for financially sustaining the activities of TOUCH LOVE WORLDWIDE movement. The message of ‘LOVE LOVE LOVE and never stop LOVING’ is being spread worldwide through facebook and ‘Theatres of Conversation’. The London Theatre of Conversation is continuing weekly on Wednesdays from 4pm at the Drayton Arms Theatre. Please cick here for more information.

 For more information on the Sunflower on the terrace please click here.

                     Sunflowers on the terrace copyright Charles Gore

When we find LOVE, we find the force and source of beauty. When we become LOVE, we become the eternity of beauty. We are LOVEbearers. LOVE is within us. We become LOVE when we reach inside, touch and switch to LOVE always. When we switch to LOVE ALWAYS we become possessed by LOVE always and radiate LOVE LOVE LOVE and never stop LOVING with every breath. Sunflowers on the terrace is a painting on a journey and has inspired a book - The Adventures of Sunflower on a terrace. Click here to be introduced.

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