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Look around the whole world

The present systems of government are not working to increase LOVE, are not working to reduce fear, are not working to increase peace, are not working to install LOVE-intelligence as the leader


Because they are all based on models from the past which the present has outgrown

The present needs a system of LOVE, a model built on LOVE

The past was about a system of destruction, a model built on war, on conquest, on territorialism

A model in which the superpowers are those with the greatest weapons of mass destruction

A system of the conquered and the conqueror, of the oppressed and the oppressor, of the winner and the loser

A system of remnants which the locals inherited but cannot operate

A system where money talks because money is invested to choose leaders

The present needs a system in which LOVE-intelligence is invested in choosing a leader

A system where money does not talk because money is not the chooser of a leader

When present leaders come from a history of conquest, when present funders of leadership contest/conquest invest so much to get their candidate, they must get their investment back or there will be anarchy and dissatisfaction

If it is money they invested, money is what they seek to get back

If LOVE is what they invested, LOVE is what they seek to get back

But the very nature of LOVE is that the actual investment is the reward

So beloved activists all over the world, know ye that no country is free or independent

All countries of the world are in slavery

Those you call super powers are zero power because their power is the power of weapons of mass destruction

Those whom you call civilized are not civilized because what you see as civilization is emptiness which is not based on the deep rooted riches and wealth of peace of mind and oneness of all

It is based on destructive competition and territorialism

It is rooted in superiority and inferiority complexes of money-ruled economies

When LOVE is the economy, humans can be said to have truly advanced, to have become truly civilized, to have become truly intelligent

No country of the world is free or independent for as long as money-power is the measure of advancement

If you want to be free, change your system of government to LOVE

LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS beloved ones



“You are a LOVEbeing, an earthbeing, a LOVEbearer. The LOVE you bear is the LOVE you are and the power you are which you have power to turn on. That LOVE energy is more powerful than the sun because turning it fully on creates at the same touch, both a LOVEshine, and a LOVErain and reign which nurtures, nourishes and transforms the individual mind and world into a place of great beauty, whilst generating a LOVE flow into the collective, a potent LOVE tributary which flows into all and has the potential to energise a beauty-radiating change which can help make the world a better place.

Touching the LOVE within own being stirs LOVE energy and makes LOVE glow, flow, overflow, outpour, star to connect into other beings and radiate expanse. Touching LOVE is a way of life, a universal state of living which creates expanding beauty on paths and transforms ways of life . Living by LOVE-steered thoughts creates extraordinary LOVE high which lifts spirits high into the exciting state of LOVE, and move bodies to the rhythm of the rulership of LOVE to generate an ozone layer of LOVE ALWAYS where LOVE rains and reigns supreme.  LOVE is a force which does not force but inspires the creation of beauty.

The human collective has not yet fully  emerged in intelligence to recognise and fully engage with the intelligence, energy and resource called LOVE. The human collective is yet to learn how to fully tap this limitless inexhaustible resource which creates radiating and expanding beauty, good health, peace of mind and world peace. LOVE is the core which is in everything and in everyone. When allowed to star from within, the LOVE within radiates LOVE LOVE LOVE and never stop LOVING,  transforming dull, uninspiring and drab into inspiring brilliance  and vibrant and dazzling radiance. LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS is the only way LOVEbeings approach all and every being.


LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS” - Harriet Gore, Founder TLW  

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